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- Your Contribution Will Help Put a Smile of Hope on Someone’s Face.

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All donations (including monetary and in-kind) are tax-deductible. The Soul Project is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.

“How to Donate Your Shoes”

The Soul Project accepts new or slightly worn shoes for children and adults of all sizes. We prefer flat shoes or tennis shoes (athletic shoes such as cleats, track shoes or dancing shoes are okay). Some dress heels or boots are accepted (please no high heels taller than 3 inches or roller skates). Here are the preferred steps to prepare your shoes to donate:

• Check to make sure that both the sizes and shoes (right and left foot) are matched up together

• Check to make sure that the shoes are in “good” condition (please don’t donate shoes that have torn soles, holes, tears, broken straps, mold or mildew)

• Tie the shoe strings together or attach the shoes with a rubber band or plastic tie to keep them matched together

• Place the mated shoes in a plastic grocery store or garbage bag (please no shoe boxes)

• Bring the donations to a drop off location or call us for a pick up)

For every $1 you donate to The Soul Project, we can ship a pair of shoes to someone in need.

It is important to us and those that we serve that you support our cause. Donations will help us with community events, outreach programs, supplies, operations, travel, and so many other ways. Please, "Give Shoes, Change lives" and put that everlasting smile on the face of someone. By giving, we are indeed changing the world. Thank you for your support! Kindly fill out the form below for any amount you wish to support our cause.