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Martin Kumi was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. During his childhood days, Martin did not possess shoes of his own. He had a friend who would loan him a pair of shoes each week, however, he wasn’t the only one who had to borrow the shoes.

In instances where he wasn’t fortunate enough to use the borrowed shoes, Martin would walk several miles to school barefoot. Martin’s life experiences gave him every reason and desire to be a blessing to children through shoes.

He remained hopeful that his situation would change for the better. Fortunately, it did when he moved to the United States in 1994. He vowed never to forget children that are in the same situation he was in as child. In 2007, The Soul Project began. It started with one pair of shoes pulled from a garbage dumpster.

He then began picking shoes from other garbage containers, and then schools and other organizations.

Martin Kumi resides in Atlanta, Georgia and speaks to churches, youth ministries, after-school programs, social clubs and others about how giving shoes can indeed change a life. He encourages young people to be thankful, reach high, and not let the opportunity of education pass them by. He reminds them that there are countless others, less fortunate, who walk barefoot for miles just to get an education.

Over the years, Martin and his team share this story with others as a testimony of survival and persistence to help others who are in need. Please join Martin and the Soul Project team to help save lives through the simple gift of shoes.
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Many say that “You never know a person’s journey until you walk a mile in their shoes.” But, imagine the difficulty when you don’t even have the shoes to walk in.

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