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If my business or organization serves at a shoe drop off site, what do I do when the container is full?

A. You can either email or call 678)518-0777 to make arrangements for a representative to empty your bin.

What kinds of shoes are accepted?

A. We accept various types of shoes in new or lightly worn condition, with the exception of roller skates and high heels or boots with heels over 3 inches. We welcome donations for children, men and women.

How should shoes be organized before donations?

A. Shoes should be paired and tied together if possessing shoe strings before donating. This will ensure that your donations reach someone in a pair. We ask that place shoes in a bag before placing in the drop off container. For more information, click here >>

Who is responsible for shipping charges and expenses?

A. For shoes that are donated away from our local drop off/pick up area (greater Atlanta/metropolitan area), the individual/ organization has the responsibility for all shipping charges and/or expenses for sending the shoe donations. Funds can be raised during shoe drive to cover shipping costs.

How would an individual or organization assist on a missions project?

A. There are many ways you can volunteer and assist in a missions trip with The Soul Project Int. For more information on Mission Trips, please contact us by email at

What are some events/places for hosting shoe drives?

A. Community centers, recreation centers, shopping centers, corporate offices, schools, churches, personal residence, or at your place of employment.

What are your current locations for drop sites?

A. Click on this link for a list of locations

Where do my shoe donations go?

A. Shoes collected are given to individuals locally who are in need and are also sent to Ghana, Haiti, Liberia, Jamaica and different parts of the world. We are trying to reach the areas where the need is the greatest. Please contact us for more information on adding a region to our outreach area or if you or someone you know are in need of shoes.

How do I get a tax receipt ?

A. Please contact us at (678)518-0777 to request a contribution statement that can be utilized as your tax receipt to keep with your tax records.

What is the Soul Project Tax Identification?

A. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. Please contact us if via email or phone with this request.

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