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Thank you in Advance for partnership with us and make a Difference by helping people Around the world, your shoes is a gift of hope to child who have know shoe at all.

The soul project our mission is change the world through the gift of shoe. Your Businesses can get involved by host a shoe Drive or check out if other ways to help a barefoot child who need a pair of shoe to go to school. Over 300 million children without shoes allow your shoes to become a blessing to someone in need. What can you do to help become a Drop off location partner with the soul project on a year round basis by help us change the world through the gift of shoe.

We need a Drop off location to collect new or gently worn shoes and increase foot traffic to your business.the soul project will add your location information to our zip code, so people will be able to find the location closest to them guickly and easily. Imagine walk barefoot to school everday without shoe.

Together we can protect a feet of child by donate a pair of shoe. No matter how you choose to partner with us, we will give you everything you need to have a great campaign. Vist our resource area to get all you need to make your program a success from our logo to press releases to your event materials, print your own postcards, fliers or posters to promote your event.

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